The Kingdom of Granada was for a long time an example of civilizations, cultures and religions coexistence atmosphere that produced an extraordinary richness in artistic, cultural and patrimonial legacy. To commemorate the first Millennium since the Arabic foundation of Granada's Kingom, the Bienal of Granada edition 2011 search to connect that environment of coexistence promoting research and art creation in contemporary art around the one thousand years of art and culture in Granada. The Bienal will bring about artist projecting a view from their artwork to "ONE THOUSAND YEARS OF ART AN CULTURE IN GRANADA'S KINDOM. PAST AND PRESENT".

Concepts such as traces, memories, the perishable, the moment for emotion and joy for the senses experimentation, transitorily, the art dematerialization and the un-owned as essence of ephemeral and transitional over the everlasting are some of the main arguments of this exhibition that will spread over an over-fitted city.

Artists wishing to participate in the Bienal de Granada 2011 should send their art proposal based on a personal view to the relation between Tradition and Modernity, using the cultural, natural, tangible or intangible as inseparable element from the artwork;

Within this frame, art proposal dealing from the following research and creative lines will be encouraged:


• CONTEMPORARY ART AND URBAN/ARCHITECTURAL HERITAGE. Work line based in heritage buildings and urban tissue (streets, walkabouts, plazas and scenic viewpoints). Integration of architecture and urban fabric into the artwork. Including:

1. Art installation and artwork including performative-based artworks in historical neighborhoods, streets, plazas in Granada (Sacromonte, Albaycín, Realejo, Carrera del Darro, Plaza Nueva, etc).

2. Integration of most iconic buildings of the patrimonial legacy in Granada to investigate in its use, history and fundamental elements and project a site specific artwork in which site is inseparable from the art work (Alhambra, Bañuelo, Palacio de los Córdova, Palacio de Dar-Al-Horra, Museo Arqueológico, Museo Casa de los Tiros, Palacio de las Niñas Nobles, etc).

3. Integration of contemporary architecture that is relevant to the city for its role in the cultural atmosphere taking into consideration its use, function and impact (Museo Parque de las Ciencias, Museo de la Memoria de Andalucía, Centro Andaluz de Medio Ambiente, etc.)

• CONTEMPORARY ART AND NATURAL HERITAGE. Work line based in the environment and natural heritage recovery and dissemination promoting conservation, environment preservation and the recovery of natural world for the city: Integration of natural patrimony into the artwork. Including:

1. Art interventions oriented to preserve the cultural heritage will be promoted, analyzing different traditions and rituals over Nature; use of natural fibers, natural elements (sun, water, light, fire…), landscape, recycling, reuse of natural and waste material, land art, environmental architecture, etc.


• CONTEMPORARY ART AND IMMATERIAL HERITAGE. Work line based in the intangible patrimony recovery included in the contemporary artwork: Integration of immaterial heritage into the artwork. Including:

1. Immaterial heritage of Andalusia (local traditional crafts, folklore, oral and written traditions, gastronomy, etc.). Artwork building a bridge between traditional crafts (weaving, forge, ceramics, tissue, etc.) and also gastronomy and folklore. Projects dealing with the relation between art and word as inspiration towards calligraphy based artworks.

2. Art Projects building bridges between other societies and cultures artisan's practices (traditions, crafts, etc.) to integrate them in the Granada sphere and heritage through the contemporary artwork.


Art, Science and Technology: Interactive Art, Net Art, Interactive Spaces, Virtual environments, Augmented Reality, Vjing, Video Mapping, etc.
Space Based Art: Aerostatic Sculpture, Ephemeral Architecture, Stage Desing, Sound Space, Sound Sculpture, Lighting Space, Installation, Video Installation, etc.
Time based Art: contemporary performance, dance, music, new media, and visual arts projects. VideoArt, Sound Art, Visual Music, Electroacoustics, Vdj, etc.
Nature based Art: Land Art, Recycled Art, Landscape Architecture, Ephemeral Sculpture, Crafts, etc.
Arts And Crafts: ceramic, weaving, textil art, forge, tissues, folklore, calligraphy, etc.
Performative Based Art: Accion Art, Performance, Happening, Interventions, Live Art, Body Art, Video Action, Video Dance, etc.
Plastic and Visual Art: Experimental Drawing and Painting, etc.



This call is open to artists, either individually or collectively (naming a representative), regardless of age, nationality or gender.


The length of the BIENAL is from November 5th to December 18th during which the presentation of each piece of art will be sequentially fixed within the planned sites in the itinerary.


The artists will perform their work in situ (spot). The art work must be a "never-before-exhibited" and must de specifically designed for a specific location that the artist may select within the proposed itinerary, either in the urban spaces, the natural sites or using the buildings (inside or façades). Depending on the specificity of each project, the artist will work outdoors, in public spaces, or within the premises of the Andalusian Memory Museum or the Faculty of Fine Arts in Granada.

The artists are committed to meet the objectives of coexistence and participation in the activities of the Bienal and finish their work on time, so that their art work will be installed on the designated place of the itinerary proposed.



The Organization shall bear the cost of accommodation and meals for the participating artists during the days in which they will develop the event and will offer a travel grant to help the artists with their travel expenses.

The Organization will provide the materials, resources and tools that previously had been agreed with each artist, according to his/her Project. In any case, depending on the nature of the artwork, a written agreement will be signed between the parts about the total amount of the economic grant that correspond to every artist and artwork to be developed in the Bienal. Signing and aceptation of this agreement is mandatory as a requirement to participate in the Bienal de Granada 2011.


Projects may be submitted in any artistic discipline and creative language within the scores of the Bienal (see SCORE AND TEMATIC AREAS)

Each artist or group may submit as many projects as desired, NOT BEING NECESSARY their input on paper and CD, DVD OR ANY OTHER PHYSICAL SUPPORT.


These include the following compulsory sections:

• Registration application form.
• Photocopy of passport of the applicant.


• Curriculum Vitae written in a maximum two pages.
• Contact data (Name and surname, e-mail, phone number, postal address,…)
• Graphic documentation of recent work (minimum 5 works and maximum 10). Both images in the dossier as those provided in the explanatory memorandum of the project will have to have a resolution of 300 dpi.
• Explanatory memorandum of the project (not more than five pages) detailing:

    - Name of the Project.
    - Brief description of project (maximum 200 words).
    - "Discipline / s art / s.
    - Characteristics of the project.
    - Installation instructions and description of the technical requirements and materials to accomplish the sample (the assembling and dismantling works of the project shall be performed by the responsible of the project however the Organization will provide support and advice as well).
    - Proposed location.
    - Graphic documentation of the project (drawings, sketches, designs, photographs, in-site spatial simulation, etc.).
    - Production expenses (material /technical / professional needs)

In the case of not receiving the complete information above mentioned, the participation will be rejected, the jury deciding not to take it into consideration.

It is necessary to indicate if the project of the work that will participate in the Bienal 2011 is unpublished or has been filed in others festivals or cultural event, specifying in this case the date and place where it was performed and document it with images.



The DATES for submitting projects is from July 1st to September 10th 2011. (New deadline date October 16th 2011)


The submissions will be subjected to a process of selection by an external international curator assisted by a committee appointed by the Organization composed of renowned professionals from various artistic disciplines. This committee will be made public in due course on the Millenium Biennale Reino de Granada website.

The Selection Committee will choose the number of projects it deems appropriate, evaluating the artistic quality, suitability to the urban environment, the complementarily between the various proposals and feasibility and economic. The final relation of selected projects will be made public through the web site by the end of October 2011.

Since these projects will occupy public spaces, the Organization will obtain the necessary local permits for the completion and installation of art pieces.

The project leaders undertake to rectify any damage that occurs in his work, ensuring as far as possible that it remains in perfect condition for the duration of the Bienal.

Jury final selection will not be open to appeal.


Following the completion of the Bienal the Organization will edit a catalogue that includes all actions developed.


The artists will transferred the rights to exhibit and image of the work for this exhibition and for the activities aimed to promote it. An agreement containing a license of rights will be signed between the Bienal and each artist or collective to regulate rights of reproduction and publication of each project.

The Organization reserves the right to publish and reproduce the selected artistic interventions for all purposes associated with promoting the program, and incorporate into its documentary fund and public archive all the documents generated. For the audiovisual works a copy will become part of the present documentary fond.


1. Artists must fulfill all data requested in the "APPLICATION FORM" tab.

2. All project's files must be submitted by uploading them through a free storage media server like Rapidshare or Megaupload (click here for a tutorial), indicating the download link when filling the application form.


The participation in the Granada Millenium Biennale 2011 entails the complete acceptation of these rules.


Clara Ruíz info@bienaldegranada.com
(+0034) 653 204 976