Javier Álamo / Javier Melgar

Félix Luna


Project: Arqueologías Salvajes (Untamed Archaeologies)
Artistic discipline: Installation-sculpture-performance
Location:Pabellón del Legado Andalusí del Parque de las Ciencias
Dates: December 2 (11.00 h.) - Until December 7

The project sets about making a series of monuments from obsolete materials and vestiges and fragments of architecture; definitively, from rubble. It seeks to reuse stones that have lost their architectural value and have become ruins to construct these monuments, which are a reflection of the history of a place. By creating a bricolage with this history it is reactivated and renewed, with popular icons, characters and elements which will give these monuments a new meaning, because people can touch them, climb on them and arrange the stones as they wish. The artist is a Mexican living in Mexico City.


  • Félix Luna
  • Félix Luna
  • Félix Luna